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Hagemann Dienste GmbH is a family-owned company based in the north-west of Brandenburg. We specialise in European-wide food recycling (re-use of secondary and by-products from the food industry), in the German and European feed industry and in the contract production of feeds. Since our foundation in 2003, we have been supporting customers in the food industry as a service provider for sales issues. Together with you, we will find individual, tailor-made sales solutions. Both our certified quality management and the know-how of our employees guarantee our customers the highest possible quality, reliability and value – whether in terms of purchasing or sales. Continuous further developments in products and compound feed production, alongside constant corporate market adjustment, make Hagemann Services GmbH a long-term, reliable partner you can deal with on an equal footing.

Food Recycling …

For us, this means reintroducing into the ecological cycle by-products, production residues and faulty batches arising during the processing and production of foodstuffs. Our daily goal is to produce high-quality feed from these secondary and by-products.

Feeds and the animal feed industry …

For us, this means guaranteeing you, as a pet keeper or a mixed feed industry, high-quality feeds or high-energy raw materials. Our high-energy raw materials can be used specifically in a range of feed mixtures and our highly soluble, tasty components can increase the success of your feed rations.

A separate feed plant …

For us, this means the contract blending of feeds according to specified recipes on behalf of other companies – and in accordance with our own high quality standards. Our feed plant in Kuhsdorf in Brandenburg enables the high-quality production of special (feed) mixtures and pelletised goods in a low-germ quality.

Our employees are there for you to provide you with their know-how and sense for detail. Find your right contact person on the topic of feeds & the feed trade here

Contract blending of feeds for end customers and retailers

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Kuhsdorf 102
16928 Groß Pankow / Prignitz, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 3395 – 309950
Mail: info@hagemann-dienste.de

Inspired by our love of agriculture and the desire to obtain high-quality and traceable feeds for our own livestock, Hagemann Dienste GmbH was founded in 2003.

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