Qualitätsstandards und Zertifizierungen - Futtermittelindustrie - Hagemann Dienste GmbH

Certification for high quality standards

Today’s society places high demands on the perfect quality and safe origin of food. It is therefore necessary to work with a high level of responsibility in all areas involved in food production. In the sense of “Feed for Food”, animal feeds and human food cannot therefore be seen as being entirely independent of one another.

As a supplier of secondary and by-products of food production and a supplier of animal feeds, Hagemann Services GmbH is aware of its responsibilities. For this reason, our company joined the Dutch quality management GMP on 15.10.2004 , the aim of which is to ensure the safety and quality of feeds by means of a clearly verifiable quality policy.

In January 2008, the Dutch standards were converted to the German standards “QS-Transport (Transportation)”, “QS-Handel (Trade)” and “QS-Einzelfuttermittelmitteler (Single feed production)”. The QA system stands for systematic quality assurance, which is involved in the production, processing and marketing of food.

The current certificates for trade, transport and single feed production are available on request.