Hagemann Dienste GmbH - Futtermittelhandel deutschland- und europaweit

The Hagemanns – Passion & Family

“We love agriculture” – was the reason in 1990 why Robert Hagemann Snr’s family gave up their part-time business in lower Saxony and resettled in Brandenburg. To start with, Hagemann Dienste GmbH, focussed exclusively on agriculture. In 1996, the first fattening pigs were brought to the Kuhsdorf site, while the following years were marked by extensions of the pig plant and in the field of agriculture. Since 2012, a biogas plant has been supplying people and animals with heat and electricity, thereby closing biological and energy cycles.

The drive for sustainability is a tradition in the Hagemann family and continues under Managing Director, Robert Hagemann Jr. Almost two decades later, we are now a company specialising in the European-wide re-use and marketing of secondary and by-products from the food industry. This food recycling forms the basis for our trade in high-quality feeds (including for cattle, pigs, fish, game and poultry) and will also be used to some extent in our state-of-the-art feed plant in Brandenburg, which opened its doors in 2018.

Inspired by our love for agriculture and the desire to obtain high-quality and traceable feeds for our own animal stock, Hagemann Services GmbH was founded in 2003. Since then, we have been assisting customers in the food industry (confectionery, snacks, baked goods, flours, milk powder, cereals, etc.) with sales issues, both as a disposal company and service provider. In the area of food recycling, we use all the secondary and by-products involved in the production process and find completely individual sales solutions for each customer. Our feed customers in terms of sales include companies from the mixed feed industry, livestock farming companies and companies from the bioenergy sector.

As a company, we strive to maintain sustainability and the use of existing resources in all the areas that we deal with. We reflect on our daily decisions in the areas of agriculture, feed trade, in the feed plant and in the utilisation of secondary and by-products from the food industry in order to give the upcoming “3rd generation of Hagemann” good tools and a healthy dose of humanity along the way.