Feed Plant – In-house feed production & contract mixing

Since 2018, as a QS-certified company in the feed sector, we have been able to work under contract to mix feeds for other companies (feed manufacturers, retailers or end customers) according to our prescribed recipes. Our vertical mixing plant in the feed plant enables the high-quality production of special feed mixtures in accordance with the highest quality standards. With the expansion of our feed production by a steam boiler, we can now also produce pelletised goods in a germ-free quality at our feed plant. Customers of feed for piglets, for example, benefit from these products.

Hagemann Dienste GmbH is a company that has been successfully and steadily growing for almost two decades, buying secondary and by-products from the food industry (e.g. breakfast cereals, old baked goods, snack items, sweets), recycling them, converting them into animal feed and reselling them. Our Europe-wide network of suppliers and customers enables fast, effective action for all partners.

Our feed plant in facts & figures:

  1. Hourly output at the beginning approx. 15 t.
  2. 16 storage silos for feed raw materials with a total capacity of approx. 800 t
  3. 2 storage silos for cereals with a total capacity of approx. 1000 t

Production of high-quality special feed mixtures:

  • Hammer mill with a capacity of max. 10 t/h.
  • Vertical batch mixer with a capacity of max. 12 t/h for mixing powders, granules and liquids e.g.: oils, molasses
  • Pelleting press with a maximum output of 3 t/h for pellets with a diameter of 2 – 6 mm
  • Pellet crumbler
  • Screening systems for the screening of fine components

In addition to the production of feed mixtures in our feed plant, we can offer you, as the customer, an extended range of packaging forms, including big bags of 400 – 1000 kg or bags of 10 – 25 kg. Would you prefer your feed products not to be packed? Or silo delivery? Our 14 loading silos have a total capacity of approx. 150 t. We are constantly in the process of developing our feed plant technically, and this supports our own quality standards. This is precisely why we believe that we are the right partner for the production of your feed. Our employees will be happy to advise you personally.

Possible processing methods for our feed products

Meal-based product

Pellets 2mm

Pellets 2,3mm

Pellets 4,5mm

Pellets 6mm

pelletised and crumbled