Futtermittelhandel der Hagemann Dienste GmbH

The feed trade

High-quality feed is the key to success in animal nutrition

The trade in high-quality animal nutrition is an important factor for successful animal owners. Our Hagemann Services GmbH feed products can help you to increase your success. For the compound feed industry, we offer high-energy raw materials that can be used specifically in different feed mixtures. Livestock farms receive highly soluble, tasty components for their feed rations.

Our feed products are characterised by excellent quality and, in our view, form the basis for a vital stock of animals and responsible feeding. This is why the quality of feed is not only checked by us within our quality assurance process, but also in regular analyses in an external laboratory. As a company, we attach great importance to compliance with the highest hygiene standards, which are certified annually through recurring audits and passed QS and VLOG certificates for our feed products.

We provide the animal feed trade with a sense of proportion, quality and great individuality.

In the feed trade sector, we consciously focus on communication with our feed customers so that the delivery/processing forms correspond entirely to the demands and wishes of our feed trade customers. Our feed is available as ground, pelletised or pelletised and crumbled. We produce the feed pellets in our feed plant in sizes of 2, 2.3, 4 or 6 mm, depending on the customer’s requirements. Would you prefer a different pellet size? Then talk to us about this.

Our current customer base in the feed trade includes feed manufacturers, retailers and farmers with livestock. If you would like to learn more about our feeds from secondary and by-products or if you have specific questions about the feed trade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important information: we are QA-certified for the trade and transportation of feed and the production of single feed products. For more information, see Certificates.

Trade in feeds and the recovery of secondary and by-products

In the processing and production of food, no matter whether breakfast cereals, snack items, (old)bakery products, confectionery and such like, by-products, production residues and faulty batches of various kinds arise. With the claim of closing ecological cycles, these products can be further processed to a large extent into high-quality feed with us, Hagemann Dienste GmbH. For our feed trade business, we can support you in the recycling of products such as dough, bakery products (bread & rolls), sweets and confectionery, flour, baking powder, cereals or milk powder. Full and partial recycling are both options.
We offer well-thought-out solutions for secondary and by-products from beverage and convenience products – both in Germany and Europe-wide. Food recycling is an important part of sustainable food businesses, especially nowadays, and at the same time offers the advantage of an improved carbon footprint.

Hagemann Dienste GmbH is mainly dedicated to mono products in the feed trade, which are very easily traceable and can be recalculated in feed mixtures. In addition, our products offer a high level of purity, safety and quality due to their origin in the food industry.

We are ready to assist you

We can deliver your ordered feed by silo train or push floor, in big bags or bagged, as well as with tipping vehicles or tankers. On request from station or free to door. Our German and European storage facilities enable us to deliver dry products at short notice and throughout the year, while perishable products reach our customers via short routes without intermediate storage. We organise the transportation of our products with our own vehicles or in partnership with certified logistics service providers. This means that we can always serve our customers flexibly and on time, even when transport volumes fluctuate greatly.