Landwirtschaft und Schweinezucht - Hagemann Dienste GmbH

We love agriculture

Their love and passion for agriculture was the reason why in 1990 the Robert Hagemann Sr. family gave up their part-time farm in Lower Saxony and resettled in Brandenburg. More precisely, to Kuhsdorf near Groß Pankow. Initially, the focus was exclusively on agriculture ¬– cereals, corn and rapeseed. Agriculture was (and remains) our passion. In 1996, the first fattening pigs were brought to the Kuhsdorf site. A foundation stone that was not only valuable, but also important, for the Hagemann Services GmbH of today. The following years were characterised by various extensions of the pig plant and the professionalisation and expansion in the field of agriculture and farming. Since 2012, a biogas plant has been supplying people and animals with heat and electricity, thereby closing biological and energy cycles (in Kuhsdorf) at the company’s headquarters.

This commitment to sustainability is not only a tradition in the Hagemann family in terms of agriculture; it is something being continued with, and taken down new paths under the leadership of Managing Director, Robert Hagemann Jr., in the areas of the recycling of secondary and by-products, the feed trade and contract mixed feed production. The focus here is on conserving existing resources, reintroducing them into the value cycle and thereby giving the word agriculture a meaningful, positive and understandable future.

Agriculture as a strong economic driver

Did you know that the agricultural sector in Germany is an industry employing more than 600,000 people; making it a bigger employer than, for example, the food industry or the chemical industry, and having only slightly fewer employees than the automotive industry. Agriculture in Germany produces goods worth around 58 billion Euro on an estimated total agricultural area of 16.7 million hectares. (Sources: Statista & IVA)