Verwertung Nach- und Nebenprodukte - Lebensmittelrecycling Hagemann Dienste GmbH

Secondary and by-products. Partner for purchase & re-utilisation

Hagemann Services GmbH is a certified partner of the food and beverage industry for the purchase and re-utilisation of (almost) all secondary and by-products.

In the processing and production of food, no matter whether breakfast cereals, snack items, (old)bakery products, confectionery or such like, by-products, production residues and faulty batches of various kinds are produced. With the claim of closing ecological cycles, these products can be largely recycled into high-quality animal feed with us, Hagemann Dienste GmbH. We can support you in the utilisation of products such as dough, bakery products (bread & rolls), sweets and confectionery, flour, baking powder, cereals or milk powder. We also offer sophisticated solutions for the (partial) recycling of secondary and by-products from beverage and convenience productions, both within Germany and Europe-wide. Food recycling is an important part of a sustainable food business, especially nowadays, and at the same time offers the advantage of an improved carbon footprint.

We operate several locations throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.

Our service for food recycling. Sustainable, flexible and customer-oriented.

Hagemann Services GmbH provides a range of systems for the collection of secondary and by-products according to your needs , because each production site is different and requires completely individual solutions. Among other things, we can place pallet boxes, bins and containers directly in or at your production site. Where necessary, we work with tanks and silo systems for the loose loading of by-products. We implement the transportation with certified service providers in our customers’ vicinity and we offer a high level of reliability and flexibility. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, meaning that our customers can concentrate on their core business.

As your reliable service provider, we will advise and optimise the processes in the collection and logistical handling of food waste and secondary and by-products, thereby reducing working hours and costs. We are happy to take on special tasks and look forward to new products and new paths.